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<>strong>"Do you struggle with overcoming obstacles that an addiction or mental disorder has created

>pn style= text-align:-lef;u">spann style= font-size:small;u">strong> Is someone you love struggling and in need of professional and dedicated care

>p">spann style= font-size:small;u" If so, please take a second to imagine a place where you feel completely at ease, allowing you to focus solely on yourself, your healing, and your future. A place where you are accepted for the person deep inside, not the person yor hovebelcome hgroghd your struggle with addiction or mental heath.? If you rounn yoursely atsu/he a supporive andencyoumagigA plac, woulnn yoebeugin to take thestepsn ncmessryn tonretake-conrold of yourlife .froe the"inner struggles that hove-coscumnn yo?

>p">spann style= font-size:small;u"Hhereato Wellington Retrea, we=ounerbstandShowdifficault tshis tonriamizs that yoe needhelp and tomtake thatfirbsestepd twardsonrichming ut.o Wu arewhere for yo.o WuounerbstandShowdifficault tshis to overcoeh addictiontandre"mainco tthesoberd pithainlife.o Wucann.geg you wheretandSelp you sayu wher.o Wellingtonounerbstanes that wheretere_times thatpeompln.gnneally hilt adifficault picthainmaoiagigAr-heor mental disordes.- Thishis completelynmormlg, andisn’ts somythins that'shulnnholnn yoebackhainlife.o WuwilldSelp youbnrik .fee.

>p">spann style= font-size:small;u"Run by:-leadine nuropsy-chatrist, and addictiocolgist,Dr. Robert A. Motra, Wellington Retreathiskndown foritsr healindenvironument eExcepsionalsu/cmes grats,ntandre-searced-backed, cuettin-edage r actcme. Dr. Motrashis completelyinvesptedainrich pcatmen,l drecagigAr-heorin

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