Alcohol rehabilitation begins after a patient finishes detox and their brain has adjusted to the absence of alcohol. Patients who do not begin alcohol rehabilitation following detox are more likely to relapse as their need for alcohol has not yet been treated. During alcohol rehabilitation, the patient is taught how to identify the situations that lead them to crave alcohol and instead work on replacing the drink with healthy choices.

At Wellington Retreat, alcohol rehabilitation incorporates a 12 Step Facilitation Therapy model for all individuals with alcohol addiction. From when the patient first arrives at Wellington, they begin the therapy within a supervised facility. Wellington Retreat also offers different types of individual therapy that can help patients work through their alcohol addiction on a more individual basis. While an alcohol rehabilitation program usually consists of a shorter time period, patients are encouraged to continue outpatient alcohol treatment for best long-term results.

Wellington Retreat is located in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach, Florida, where patients are able to enjoy the sunshine, the beauty, and the tranquility of the area throughout their healing process. Wellington Retreat provides all men, women and adolescents regardless of sexual preference or mental capacity the necessary help to overcome their addictions, abuse or disorder.

We are the only facility in Florida owned and operated by an addiction psychiatrist involved in all treatment decisions. Learn more
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