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http://mhs.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=15 We ask questions of our patients prior to discharge to gauge our quality assurance and see what may or may not need improvement or change. One response recently deserved a spot on our blog due to its candor. There has been no editing of the response in any shape, form or being. Please see it below:

What could Wellington Retreat have done better for your treatment?

maroczone er sucht sie 1)      Not enough “down” time. This is needed more. After going to classes all day and then having to go to another meeting at night is just too tiring and too much. When a person (I mean me) is too tired I can’t concentrate anymore.

2)      The outing to a park (NA picnic) in the middle of the day with barely any food or drink, sitting on a bench, to do nothing, sweating for 2 hours was not therapeutic! Water Park or beach would be better, somewhere to cool off.

What has Wellington Retreat done well for you?

http://salpasafarit.fi/?kalimo=forex-kurslar%C4%B1-ankara&050=aa 1)      Where do I begin? I guess from the very beginning. When I came here, Mark met me at the door. He became my knight in shining armor. It was just him and I for a few hours. No one in my life Retreathas ever, ever made me feel more at ease during a terrifying time. I had literally driven here from Johnny’s funeral; Mark talked to me so very calmly and sweetly. He and I had dinner together alone. There was not a second of uncomfortableness. I will never, ever forget his kindness.

go site EVER!

here So I have to say the best thing here is your staff. I will say their names in absolutely no order, because one is not better then the others!

follow site DONNA, FRED – they are all the best! I Love them.

http://palsambleu.fr/?dimyrewsy=rencontres-droit-sant%C3%A9-travail&35d=76 Awesome, kind, understanding. There are not enough adjectives to describe them all

enter site Dr. Scott, Dr. Barbara, Dr. Moran, Dr. Barry, Joel, Jo, Shawanna, Jack, John, Chase, Chef Maria

2)      Wellington Retreat has given me a mountain of knowledge about my addiction. They have taught me so, so much. (I only hope I can do this work when I leave here)

3)      The support from staff and patients was awesome.

4)      The house I stay in is beautiful. (I tell everyone that I am living like rock-star!)

5)      Having a chef and housekeeper truly makes it easier for the patient to concentrate on themselves and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning

As Johnny spoiled me for the last 23 years. So have you for the last few weeks.

All my love and thanks,

Patient B.

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