Four Girls Customized Treatment Plan

This was a letter to staff regarding a customized treatment plan for four female patients. Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our patients.

The four of us girls have learned a lot in the few days we have been here.

Individually we have each learned things about ourselves and about our own personal character flaws and weaknesses. Collectively we learned most importantly that we need each other. Being together during this short time forced us to get along. We do everything together including cooking, eating, step work and support. We have truly become sisters in recovery. When one of us cries, we all hurt. We laugh together throughout our long days. We are eager to get back to the rest of the community, to test all of what we have learned.

We learned that for every action and decision we do and make, there is a consequence. However, we have chosen to view this consequence as a reward. Due to our lying and manipulation we should have been kicked out of the program, but we were given a second chance. We see now that our old behaviors get us nowhere. We are striving to work an honest program and are so grateful to be given this opportunity to work on and learn about our character pathology.

We understand that we must control our impulses in here, and especially, in the real world. We cannot continue to do things our way. We are gaining self-awareness. Each day that passes we learn more about our character flaws and assets. Female Patient 1 was struggling with fighting temptation and being honest. While she was in the customized treatment plan she has been extremely honest and no longer giving into temptations. This has been difficult for her but she is doing amazing. She now believes that in order to be sober and stay clean, she must work an honest program with no negative contracts.

Female Patient 2 has done a lot of work on her self-esteem and impulse control. She realized that she used to seek validation from others to make herself feel better. Although, she has not completely overcome this character defect, she has shown a lot of personal growth. She has developed a level of respect for authority that far surpassed her own expectations. She is especially eager to work her way back into the community to prove to the group that she can be trusted and that she is concerned with her recovery and consequences for any addict behavior.

Female Patient 3 is struggling with her past. She has been talking very openly about her concerns with her father and her twin sister. She finally feels connected to us girls and is happy to participate in all of her groups. Her participation has allowed us to see through her tough exterior and really get to know and love her.

Female Patient 4 has deep rooted insecurities regarding her outer appearance. She could not completely give up her make up. After almost one month of wearing scrubs and barely any makeup, she was brought over to the customized treatment plan, where she was forced to comply with Dr. Moran’s orders. She thankfully feels very comfortable with the girls and is able to be herself for the first time in her life. To others this seems like an easy adjustment, but for (Girl 5) it was the hardest thing she has ever done. She feels extremely fortunate to have this chance to work on her self-esteem and to get to know her true self.  She wore a green mask to a meeting last night and she did it with confidence. We were all very proud of her. Later on that evening we all laughed at how silly she looked. We all continue to bond and build each other up as much as possible.

This experience has been amazing, but we are ready, very ready, to get back to the real world. We have learned a great deal, but will remain teachable. We are grateful for this opportunity to soul search, but are beginning to feel neglected. It only reminds us of the isolation we felt in our own individual worlds outside of the Wellington Retreat.

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