I Struggle, but I Will Succeed

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frau sucht mann 60 Here is a patients view thus far for where they are today.


I have been [through] a lot over the past few years.

b&b matchmaking far east bv It has really been a struggle with this addiction for some time now. In this battle there have been good times and bad. I have met some good people in recovery and learned a lot about myself from working with a sponsor. I also had my share of hard times as well. I have [gone] from doing really well and living in a nice home to having nothing and living on the street over one little pill; one day, one second changed my whole situation and because of it I spent the next 10 days on the street sober. I do feel I learned from it [though] for sure.

Most of my mistakes I have grown stronger because of it.

anbieter für binäre optionen I have also learned more about how it is to be on my own and I’ve managed to put a few months of recovery together, so I hope to do even better this time.

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