The Impact of Screen Media on Children

Is Screen Media Detrimental to the Brain?

go here MediaWhile screen media may offer some benefits when it is used sensibly, it can be quite detrimental to a developing brain.[1] In her article, “The Impact of Screen Media on Children, ” Coordinator of Pediatric Mental Health and Environment at the University of California, San Francisco, Mary Burke, M.D. states that the negative effects of screen media have been seen on functional MRI (fMRI) and on the youth’s behavior and function.1 In fact, fMRI studies completed during and after screen media exposure showed that there were pronounced activation patterns.1 While viewing non-violent television programs activated the brain regions that are associated with visual and auditory processing, viewing violent programs activated brain regions that are associated with negative affect.[2]

Screen Media and Social Changes

rencontrer un gendarme celibataire While it is difficult for researchers to link screen media to social changes, such as increases in violence, small population studies of isolated cultures have reported an increase in youth aggression after the introduction of screen media.2 In fact, screen media is associated with short-term aggression, especially in boys.1 Also, early and excessive television use among youth has been found to link to antisocial behavior later in life.[3]    Other studies, according to Burke, have linked screen media to impulsive behavior, obesity, and delayed development of language and reading skills.[4],[5],[6] Screen media has also been associated with attention problems.[7]

How Screen Media Can Impact Developing Brains

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