Time to Say Goodbye

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see Dear Addiction,

go site I can now speak with an honest, clear mind when I say that you have done so much damage to my family, friends and most of all me.

You manifested inside me like a plague, like the disease you are.

treading on line Can you remember the bliss, the warmth, the ecstasy you once gave? Or do you even care? I loved you like the sunrise in the morning, needing you to survive. When I was blanketed with your touch, I felt limitless, superior, and most of all I cared about pain no more. I just couldn’t get enough. Until now, I can see the games you play, how you don’t truly love, you destroy. It was an illusion, a fantasy played in my mind because I loved you more than I loved myself. I want to run away from myself fast, but I guess I wasn’t fast enough; you caught me in your arms.

Pretending to show me the way to heaven, when you truly brought me to the pit of a scorching HELL!

follow url As I lay and burn in torment, I called for you. There were times I couldn’t stand or even eat but you didn’t seem to care. You brought me here, how come you couldn’t save me? But, now I know that was your cunning, insidious plan. You only grew stronger as my soul faded into the wind. I [laid] in hell with the hands of demons destroying everything in my path. You ruined my family as I scammed them to feed your power. I lost my friend because you were so selfish and loved yourself too much. It’s time for me and my higher power to now feed my soul, the thing you hate most.

Today I am now strong enough to say I hate you!

purchase cytotec in Clarksville Tennessee I don’t plan on bringing you back into my life. It was a love affair like no other, because it ripped me into pieces. So now it is time for me to say goodbye. I shed blood and tears for you no more. There is no more ball and chain. I am no longer a slave to you and the freedom has never felt so true in my life.

go Fare thee well,

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