For Those With Intellectual Disabilities, CBT Improves Anger Management

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Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyCBT and Anger

http://economicforumpbc.com/?nikolasdk=opzioni-binarie-sono-sicure&f24=dc Recent research has shown that group-based cognitive-behavioral therapy, CBT, can help people with intellectual disabilities manage their anger.[1] A study of 179 people with intellectual disabilities showed that participants who received 12 weeks of group-based CBT had improved anger management skills than those who did not.1 As CBT for persons with intellectual disabilities is still underdeveloped, with little evidence proving effectiveness in this population, this study was welcomed.1

CBT Helps to Manage Emotions

watch Oftentimes, this patient population receives serious consequences for anger outbursts, including exclusion from services, law enforcement involvement, and emergency placement services.1 However, this population has a difficult time managing their overwhelming angry feelings.1 Another study of 179 adults with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities were identified from different centers as having problems controlling their anger.1 The participants were assigned to one of two groups: 12 weeks of CBT therapy or treatment as usual.1 Study officials found that those who received CBT showed a decrease in challenging behavior over time.1 This community of individuals is able to learn anger management skills in group settings, something that should be developed into day programs across the country in order to help control angry outbursts and allow this community to better express their feelings.1

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