Freedom Comes from Complete Surrender

You leave me broken every time, desperate and lonely, shaken and empty.

I never find peace when you’re around.

You use to pick me up when I was down, but now you crush me to the ground.

You’ve taught me a sense I never knew I had, but ecstasy soon turned to torture and drama, misery and nausea.

Luring me in with the promise of love, only to be locked up in handcuffs.

False hope and insincerity, you hardened my heart into stone.

Struck a match to all I’ve loved, I give in every time.

You’re promise of a better tomorrow was actually of life of sorrow.

You laugh when I hurt and get joy from my pain, for all my suffering I have you to blame.

I gave you my all and you gave me hell, being shackled and locked up in your prison cell.

Time after time I would swear I was done, be hypnotized by your eyes and miss all the “fun”.

Deeper and deeper every time, you’ve consistently drug me over the line.

With you there is disease, destruction and death, but I will no longer let you win.

I’ve found the key to unlock the prison within.

No longer will I be under the weight of your power, for my freedom comes from complete surrender.

I will save myself from ever returning to this hell.

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