Is Technology Impeding Children’s Success?

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TechnologyA World of Technology

opcje binarne trader We live in a world of technology that is only becoming more and more advanced as time passes. While this often makes our lives easier and more convenient, could it be impeding upon our children’s success? Researchers state that technology may be making it more difficult for our children to have a successful future, filled with meaningful relationships, with the more time they spend in front of the TV, playing video games, and glued to the computer screen.[1] Also–let’s not forget about iPads and iPhones.

Effects of Too Much Technology

go to site The more time spent in front of screen technology, the more elasticity your brain loses, according to Global Engagement Partners principal, Cari Guittard.1 Creating trusting relationships is the cornerstone of success, and while children are not making as much face-to-face contact as they used to a decade ago, the creation of such relationships is impeded upon.1

Control Our Children’s Technology Usage

http://www.mabnapouyesh.com/dfdf/6682 According to Guittard, kids as young as four are connected more to technology than they are to other people.1 This is troubling. Therefore, forcing your child to use their imagination, play outside, make arts and crafts, and take trips to the playground is important to their success in the future.1 It allows them to meet people, to use their brain, and to grow up knowing how to socialize without the use of all of this screen media.1 Of course, such media doesn’t have to be completely absent from their lives, but instead controlled.1 They should be spending more time using their brains than using their screens.1

binary options trading spreadsheet [1] Kelly, H. (2013, March 24). Tech addiction could impede kids’ success later on . KSL.com. Retrieved April 2, 2013, from http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=24503040. Technology.

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