Update: Is The Need to Always Be Right an Addiction?

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AddictionA Different Kind of Addiction

esempi opzioni binarie Could there be a new kind of addiction? Spouses are forever stating that the other person in the relationship always needs to be right. According to CBS News, although the compulsive character trait may be disagreeable, there are ways for one to retrain their brain to accept being erroneous from time to time.[1] In fact, this compulsion is based on favorable chemical responses in our brains, like many other addictions are.1

The Addiction is Chemical

How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Fresno California CEO of Benchmark Communications and workplace productivity expert, Judith Glaser, said, “It’s all chemical. If we look inside the brain, we get to see what’s happening, and adrenaline and dopamine’s something we crave. But most people don’t realize this is what’s going on in their head.”1

The Addiction can Negatively Affect Your Social Relationships

http://rozenhout.nl/rozenhout-meubel-op-maat-utrecht/meubelmaker-utrecht-sitemap/over-rozenhout-meubelmaker-utrecht.html People who stand their ground and insist they are correct all the time are usually not well-liked. According to Glaser, this can cause trouble within social relationships: at work, at home, with friends.1 The more certain people demand that they are always right, the more others back away from this person and feel uncomfortable speaking with them.1

desktop di bdswiss com However, people who may be having issues with this addiction can retrain their brains with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy, life coaches, and talk therapy, which will ultimately lead to a significant improvement in life.1

http://www.amisdecolette.fr/?friomid=rencontre-avec-des-filles-turques-de-france&c27=9f [1] CBS News. (2013, March 16). When does the need to be right become an addiction?. CBS News. Retrieved March 26, 2013, from http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-33816_162-57574707/when-does-the-need-to-be-right-become-an-addiction.

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