Being a Gifted Child is not a Mental Disorder


Gifted Children: Sometimes Over-Diagnosed

sessione di trading GiftedOf the children in this world, there are between three and five percent that are particularly gifted, which is not to be confused with having a mental disorder.[1] Today, 37 percent of children are diagnosed with a mental illness, with ADHD and autism diagnoses on the rise.1 Over-diagnosis and over-treatment are too common these days. When diagnoses are carelessly applied, gifted children end up being labeled as ADHD, autistic, depressive, or bipolar, when really, they are just born with something many are not.1 Many are never even identified as being gifted, although they are quite often said to be “wired differently,” according to many teachers.1 They experience our world with heightened sensitivity and vivid intensity, allowing them to become famous artists, scientists, inventors, etc.1 They may talk too much, have a high level of energy, and be distracted in some settings, but are perfectionists who are introverted and struggle socially as our world does not fully understand who they are.1

Tips Regarding Gifted Children

rencontrer un homme qui vient de divorcer Director of Supporting Emotional Needs for the Gifted (SENG), Marianne Kuzujanakis, MD, MPH, gives the following tips to educators, parents, and clinicians:

  • Being gifted is not always the same as high academic achievement—they can have learning disorders, too.1
  • Normal is not defined by a narrow set of criteria. Everyone does not process information in the same way or develop along the same timeline. This does not automatically mean disorder.1
  • Children who are gifted should have their weaknesses and strengths be equally acknowledged and supported.1

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