Fighting Mental Illness Together


Mental Illness is a Daily Struggle

http://coconutcharcoalindonesia.com/?decerko=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-broker-liste&403=0d Mental IllnessFor some people, even the seemingly-easiest everyday tasks are difficult.[1] Rolling out of bed, going to class or to work, smiling, talking to friends, and maintaining a social life is almost painful.1 Underneath their happy façade, there are feelings of hopelessness, of confusion, of emptiness.1 Some of their favorite past times are just that—things of the past.1

http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/?endonezit=free-binary-options-trading-software-download Mental health disorders provide many with a daily struggle.1 While they may overcome their problems with time, the road is rocky and it requires much strength.1 With the stigma of mental illness facing them, blocking them from obtaining treatment, the disorder only worsens.1 They become weaker, mentally and physically.1 They’re tired of fighting the fight.

The Stigma of Mental Illness

speed dating bucuresti centrul vechi Society often places one of two labels on people: normal or insane.1 Those suffering from mental illnesses are often referred to as “crazy,” “weird,” or “nuts.”1 Coming out in need of mental health seems completely useless when you are associated with being “crazy.”1

follow url Living in the shadow of this stigma, the support system for those who suffer from mental illness can be compromised.1 Many tell their loved ones that it’s just a phase, that they need to get over it, grow up, be realistic.1 This leaves the person suffering from mental illness alone to deal with their inner demons.1 However, with the stigma, many do not know how to react when someone comes to them with feelings of depression, anxiety, and trauma.1

Mental Illness: Let’s Conquer The Stigma

speed dating in winter park With no clear-cut solution in sight, taking a step in the right direction is a start.1 Mental health disorders are more prevalent than we think, and educating ourselves about just how many people suffer from these disorders is important.1 Sure, it will still equal out to be a small minority of the population, but if we don’t erase the idea that mentally ill people are not like us, we are just feeding into the problem, the stigma.1 Ask yourself: If we love a person, how can we just leave them to be taunted by their disorder alone, each day? If that was us, what would we need our loved ones to do to help fight against these desperate feelings?

go to site Support. Understanding. A shoulder to lean on. An ear to listen. They need to know that you are there for them, that you love them, and that you are not judging them for the way they feel.1 They just need you to be there and be supportive.1

watch [1] Carlson, Caroline. “Understand mental health.” go here The Diamondback. The Diamondback, 1 Oct. 2013. Web. 1 Oct. 2013. <http://www.diamondbackonline.com/opinion/article_ecbcae9a-2a17-11e3-81af-0019bb30f31a.html>.

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