Mind-Body Exercise Improves Mood Disorders in Older Adults

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Mind-Body Exercise is Good for Your Health

incentive and non qualified stock options Mind-Body ExerciseThe complementary use of medicine and mindful exercise has been demonstrated to improve the clinical outcomes of mood disorders in older adults.[1] At the recent American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting, expert in geriatric psychiatry and holistic medicine, Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S., stated that yoga, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi are useful exercises that improve psychological well-being, as well as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, balance, and insulin resistance.1

http://careermastery.net.au//?du=careermastery.net.au//?pero=Tastylia-Online-Without-Prescription/ Lavretsky and colleagues conducted a study at a local YMCA that differentiated between aerobic and mind-body exercises, as well as demonstrated the positive effects mind-body exercise had on mood disorders.1 This study involved 42 participants, averaging 65 years of age.1 Twenty of the participants routinely participated in either a yoga or a Tai Chi class while the remaining 22 routinely participated in an aerobic exercise class, both for at least 60 minutes per week.1 Questionnaires that profiled each participant’s mood state, general health, sleep, and pain levels were reviewed.1

Mental Status Improved with Mind-Body Exercise

auto opzioni binarie commenti As a result, Lavretsky and colleagues found that those who participated in either a yoga or Tai Chi class for 60 minutes per week showed lower levels of tension, depression, anger, and fatigue, as well as a significantly greater level of vitality at the end of the study.1 Their mental health status was found to be improved and fewer sleep problems were reported when compared to the group who participated in aerobic exercise.1

enter site Although improvements in the treatment of major depression have soared during recent decades, still only 30 percent of older adults have been able to achieve remission with first-line antidepressant pharmacotherapy alone.1 Therefore, accompanying pharmacotherapy with non-pharmacological interventions like mind-body exercise is a recommendation that should be made to all older adult patients.1 As mind-body exercise reduces stress, improves physical functioning, and increases socialization, it acts as an effective second-line treatment for major depression and other mood disorders.1

Mind-Body Exercise and Somatic Symptoms

http://makse.com/?kremel=best-dating-websites-in-switzerland&c19=97 As the prevalence of depression and anxiety is higher in older adults than it is in younger adults, these disorders usually contain some pain or other somatic symptoms that can overlap with underlying medical conditions and medication side-effects.1 A second study completed by Lavretsky and colleagues included 112 adults with major depression, age 60 and older.1 They were treated with a standard dose of 10 mg Lexapro per day for the first four weeks, which was increased to 20 mg/day in the following two weeks.1 Thirty-nine participants were unable to tolerate the dose-adjustment and dropped out of the study.1 The remaining 73 participants received either 10 weeks of Tai Chi Chih or 10 weeks of health education, both for two hours per week.1

http://www.fordbaris.com/?jiiias=forex-piyasas%C4%B1-test-sorular%C4%B1&14a=5d At baseline and at the 14-week follow up, all of the participants were evaluated for depression, anxiety, resilience, health-related quality of life, cognition, and inflammation.1 While both groups demonstrated decreases in the severity of depression, it was a much larger decrease within the group participating in Tai Chi Chih.1 In fact, 94 percent of the participants in the Lexapro/Tai Chi Chih group achieved a Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) score of 10 or less, with 65 percent achieving remission.1 Within the Lexapro/health education group, 77 percent received a HDRS score of 10 or less and 51 percent achieved remission, proving that mind-body exercise is an effective treatment for mood disorders in older adults.1

come segnali trading azioni - Dicono che le opzioni binarie sono una truffa ma allora perchè in tantissimi ci fanno almeno 1000 [1] Kaplan, A. (2013, September 9). Mind-Body Interventions for Mood Disorders in Older Adults. How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Flint Michigan Psychiatric Times. Retrieved September 16, 2013, from http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/geriatric-psychiatry/mind-body-interventions-mood-disorders-older-adults/page/0/1

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