This, too, shall pass.

This,                       too,                 shall pass.Life is full of stressful events, problems, crises. Some are big—such as financial problems—and some are small—such as your cat destroying your favorite pair of shoes.[1] However, whatever the situation, remembering four little words can put your mind back into perspective—if you let it.1 The four words: This, too, shall pass.1

When little obstacles come up in life, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.1 For example, your cat vomited in your shoe this morning, and you are going to be a couple minutes late to work.1 You will survive these little daily annoyances and the sky won’t fall in.1 Learn from past experiences that are similar to the one you are facing.1 Those moments passed, and this one will, too.1

Larger obstacles are harder to deal with. They keep you up at night, you feel nauseous, you grind your teeth, but you should allow that moment to pass.1 Sticking with the example of financial problems, bill collectors keep your phone ringing around the clock.1 That’s a stressful situation. However, allowing your body to feel the effects of stress aren’t going to resolve your problems—it’s just going to make you feel more tired and irritable.1 Sure, the situation may be long-term, but you’ve been through difficult situations before, and it’s likely that you will go through one again.1 That’s life, so take baby steps. Take action to relieve yourself of your difficult situation, and before you know it, moments have passed and it’s finally behind you.1

Daily grief ebbs and flows, changing each day.1 It may go up and then come down, but slowly, over time, it progresses upwards as your life experiences add up.1 Instead of allowing stress to get the best of you, remember that whether it’s the moment or the crisis itself: This, too, shall pass.1

[1] Emel, B. (2013, October 1). Four Words That Can Get You Through Any Crisis. PsychCentral. Retrieved October 4, 2013, from http://blogs.psychcentral.com/bounce-back/2013/10/four-words-that-can-get-you-through-any-crisis/

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