A Key to Happiness: A Healthy Work Environment

work environmentWork environment has a significant impact on a person’s perception of wellbeing and happiness.[1] In fact, Queen Mary University of London researchers discovered positive aspects of working life, such as high levels of control at work, good support from supervisors and colleagues, and feeling cared for.1 All of these aspects were linked to higher levels of life happiness.1

The researchers conducted a study of 5,182 London-based civil servants, a study that is one of few examining the positive effects work has on people.1 It was found that people had higher levels of life happiness when they did not feel as strained at work, were able to exert some control, and received emotional support from their team members.1 Therefore, working conditions and healthy personal relationships significantly increase levels of a person’s wellbeing.1 Even after taking into account the other sources of life satisfaction and distress, as well as individual characteristics and personality, many were happier.1

Managers who demonstrate interest in their employees and have an encouraging attitude are more likely to motivate and support those they direct.1 The employees will enjoy their job and feel valued, which will show within company pride and loyalty.1 They will contribute more ideas and look forward to coming to work, with increased self-esteem.1 More than a decade of a person’s life—90,000 hours—are spent at work.1 Jobs fulfill a person’s need to belong and give them a sense of identity.1 In fact, employees who work in positive environments also experience positive physical health effects and enjoy a longer lifespan.1

Increasing the positive aspects of work, instead of simply reducing the negative aspects, will lead to increased morale and wellbeing among the working population which will benefit employers as well.1 They will feel the same increase in lifetime happiness, as the stress of employee issues decreases and productivity increases.1 More profits are made and excellent customer satisfaction reviews are created.1 A positive work environment is a win-win situation for everyone.1

The increased wellbeing and happiness also contributes to a nation’s wellbeing, as it creates a more fulfilled and happy society.1 Many believe that quality working conditions and personal relationships are key to a nation’s happiness.1

[1] Nauert, R. (2013). Work Environment Plays Key Role in Well-Being & Happiness. Psych Central. Retrieved on November 22, 2013, from http://psychcentral.com/news/2013/11/21/work-environment-plays-key-role-in-well-being-happiness/62340.html

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