De-Stress: Take a Walk

walkTis the season for frayed nerves, shopping madness, and rising tempers.[1] Holiday stress has become a cliché; however, it is no less real.1 We dream of picture-perfect holidays, full of joy, garland, candy canes, and perfectly-wrapped presents.1 Turning our dreams into nightmares are the media that bombards us with must-have items and must-do messages, upping the stress factor.1 We often feel even more stressed knowing that there is now no time to relax.1

Simplify. Tune yourself into the true meaning of the holidays.1 Treasure your family and friend connections.1 Marvel at the beauty of the season.

In fact, there is a proven de-stressor that is available to all, uncomplicated, and free-of-charge.1 Brought to you straight from Mother Nature, taking a stroll in the woods, the city park, or around the yard allows us to reap many powerful physical and emotional benefits.1

Nature heals. As proof, a classic study completed by Roger Ulrich in 1984 found that after gall bladder surgery, patients who had a hospital room with a view of the garden had a quicker recovery, needed fewer pain medicines, and suffered fewer complications.1 Since this amazing discovery, dozens of other studies have confirmed that viewing nature, and being out and surrounded by it, lessens stress and pain.1

As humans are dependent on a natural environment biologically, our brains are hard-wired to respond to the beauty of nature.1 We find it calming and grounding. It is able to bring us back to the true meaning of life and all that gets forgotten in today’s technological age. We slow-down, take a much-needed break, and attune to nature’s pace.1 Nature becomes a place of rest and recovery. It engages your senses and increases your attention and motivation.1

Although winter may be a chilly season, wrapping up in coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to spend some time outside of the home and in a world that isn’t ruled by the season’s stress is the perfect de-stressor for the whole family. Put some classic carols on your personal music player and just walk, marvel, and breathe. You’ll notice the icicles on the trees, the birds pecking for seeds, and how golden the sunlight really is.

Therefore, as your bring the greenery in for Christmas, remember that there are even more a short walk or drive away.1 Pay them a visit—you will feel rejuvenated.1

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