New Year Resolutions to Improve Emotional Health

new year resolutionThe goal of New Year’s resolutions is to improve a person’s quality of life, yet, strikingly they often ignore the one factor that determines our quality of life more than any other: our basic emotional health.[1] Instead, the majority of the resolutions made are related to diet and physical health.1 The most common are to lose weight, join a gym, quit smoking, and cut back on drinking.1 However, they are also the ones least likely to be completed.1

The second most common category of resolutions are related to our leisure time, or lack thereof, stating we wish to read more, go on a vacation, or work fewer hours.1 Then, there is the home improvement category such as cleaning the attic, the garage, or organizing and remodeling.1

Feeling lonely, being prone to brooding and worrying, having low self-esteem, being burdened by unresolved guilt, having poor relationships, and feeling demoralized are all issues that should be focused on instead.1 With our basic emotional health needs on the back burner, dieting, quitting smoking, cutting back on drinking, working less, and fixing up the home does little to actually improve our quality of life.1 Therefore, New Year resolutions often have little impact on our long-term quality of life, as they do little to alleviate emotional and psychological suffering.1

We usually neglect our emotional and psychological health when making our resolutions because we do not know how to quite go about pursuing her goals.1 It is easier to find a gym, plan a vacation, and buy organizational shelving.1 Making a resolution to address and improve our emotional health seems daunting in comparison; however, it shouldn’t be.1

These seven resolutions will improve your emotional health (Don’t try them all at once, though!):1

  1. Resolve to Improve Your Self-Esteem.
  2. Resolve to Rid Yourself of Preoccupations and Worrying.
  3. Resolve to Heal Emotional Pain.
  4. Resolve to Emerge from Loneliness.
  5. Resolve to Improve Your Relationships.
  6. Resolve to Shed the Burden of Guilt.
  7. Resolve to Learn to Failure.

These resolutions will improve your quality of life tremendously.1 Then, little improvements in physical health are easier to tackle.1 Have a happy and emotionally healthy New Year!

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