Tips to Reduce Stress: For Families and Children with ADHD

adhdWhen a child is diagnosed with ADHD, families can undergo a large amount of stress.[1] Therefore, it is important to have a firm grasp on how to cope with stress, reduce it, and restore peace.1 The following are some tips to help families do just that.

  1. While a diagnosis of ADHD can be difficult, accept that your child is different and embrace it.1
  2. Remind yourself that you are not alone during this journey: keep a strong support group.1
  3. Keep self-care for the entire family a priority: healthy meals, exercise, communication, sleep, etc.1
  4. When meltdowns occur—and they will—keep a calm, firm, and nonreactive face.1
  5. Accept your child’s limitations; however, keep encouraging them to focus on their strengths.1
  6. Assure your child keeps up with their medication schedule—and keep yourself informed on which ones he/she is taking and what the side effects may be.1
  7. Become more active in your child’s education: if necessary, set a 504 plan; encourage school personnel to get to know your child and not just their diagnostic label; advocate for their educational assessments and services; and help with homework.1
  8. When the times call for it, be an emotional coach.1
  9. Keep a journal of your child’s gains and accomplishments, even tiny ones, and review it with them to stay empowered and boost their self-esteem.1
  10. Keep in mind the needs of other family members—siblings, significant others, and extended family—and keep them involved, yet allow them to have their space.1

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