Connect With Your Partner: Six Simple Tips

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When entering into a new relationship, we expect our connection to remain the same as time goes on; however, as the times change, so do the things that connect us.[1] Sometimes, this can cause a disconnect in your relationship, leading you to feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to reestablish that once great connection.1

It can be done, and starting small with just one thing each day, building on from there, is the way to begin.1 Here are six simple tips to connect with your partner again:

  1. Do Things Together.1 As time goes on, many couples fall out of the habit of doing things together. However, shared experiences keep the connection alive. It doesn’t have to be big. It could be as simple as cooking dinner together or as large as taking a weekend vacation, just the two of you. However, it needs to be a habit, a continuous thing.
  2. Be Romantic.1 A variable not found in any other relationship, romance is a huge part of keeping the connection. Life is busy, but time needs to be set aside for dates, flirtation, and intimacy. A kiss good morning, and one good night should never be skipped. Set up a weekly date night, where you can do things together and be romantic.
  3. Be Interested in Your Partner’s Interests.1 We all have our own interests, and we like to share them with those we love, even if it’s not their thing. Know what your partner loves to do, and join them—even if you hate it. Feel their joy, as you will have fun. They will appreciate you taking the time to join them in what they like to do. It is important to connect with your partner through genuine interest, joining in their passions. It leads to greater intimacy and commitment. Compliment them on their interests, talk to them about it, seem interested in it, too. You may be surprised and really enjoy the time you spend together doing something you previously didn’t like.
  4. Have Inside Jokes.1 Laughing creates a strong bond between two people—it’s what connecting is all about. Inside jokes derived from shared experiences bring back memories and remind you why you love to spend time together.
  5. Make Eye Contact.1 When you are speaking to each other, making eye contact communicates that you are with them, in this place and in this moment, making them your priority. This shows that you are choosing to make a connection with them, and it makes the other person feel good.
  6. Perform Small, Sweet Acts.1 Write a little note, make a special breakfast, work on a project together—these are all ways of doing small yet sweet things for the one you love. It keeps a connection going—it’s the thought that counts.

Relationships do not just work on autopilot—they require care and nourishment. It is important to give your relationship attention through many different ways.

[1] Tartakovsky, M. (2014). 7 Simple Ways to Connect to Your Partner. Psych Central. Retrieved on February 13, 2014, from http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2014/02/11/7-simple-ways-to-connect-to-your-partner/

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