Secrets to a Happy Life

  1. lifeDon’t sweat the small stuff.[1] Don’t let what is out of your control cause you too much upset that it ruins your entire day. You will spend all of your precious energy worrying. Instead, spend your energy focusing on the aspects of your life that you can actually influence.
  2. Learn to understand others.1 Not everyone is an extrovert—and that is just fine. However, learning to relate to and understand others is an important asset to have. This will help your relationships and teach you things about yourself that you never knew.
  3. Do not put your self-worth is someone else’s hands.1 Learning how to shield your confidence and self-esteem from the nasty comments of others will leave you a happier person. Write out the negative beliefs you have about yourself and then think about whether each belief is true and where the belief stemmed from. You may be pleasantly surprised that many have no true basis.
  4. Do not live beyond your means.1 Delayed gratification is important to our happiness. Having everything you want, when you want it leaves no room for excitement. Our financial situation is also very powerful when it comes to our happiness. You will save yourself much stress and worrying if you follow this rule strictly.
  5. Not everything is about you.1 Believe it or not, helping other people creates happiness. You get a warm, fuzzy feeling, especially when you expect no gain. Reaching out and connecting with others gives you an emotional lift that makes you smile.
  6. Your life is your own, and others should not always get a say.1 Stop doing what everyone else is telling you to do, and follow your heart. Sure, others may be well-meaning when they give you advice, but not listening to your own wants, needs, and goals leaves you feeling pretty lost. You will be surprised at the amazing life you can build on your own.
  7. Be true to yourself.1 Don’t worry about not following the crowd. The more you are true to yourself, the more you make friends who like you for the real you. You will have more meaningful relationships and more reasons to smile.
  8. Accept change.1 Life is full of twists and turns; therefore, fearing them leads to a life of fear. Have confidence in yourself. No matter what obstacle is put in your way, you can overcome it—no matter how unfair or devastating. There is always another path.
  9. Follow your dreams.1 You have dreams for a reason—pursuing them will bring you joy. They can also help and inspire others along the way.
  10. Strive for the best and prepare for the worst.1 A blend of optimism and practicality lead to a happier life. It allows you to accept and face whatever is put on your plate. Live your life as it comes to you, and enjoy the journey.

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