Reasons To Attend Therapy

therapyTherapy is an effective treatment for mental illness; however, some problems do not qualify as mental illness and can still benefit from therapy.[1] Examples include suffering trauma; unexplained and recurrent headaches; less-than-average feedback at work; feeling socially disconnected; and strained relationships.1

The word “therapy” often has a stigma attached to it, like a condemnation.1 It shouldn’t be that way, as therapy is both helpful to those with a mental disorder and those without.1 There are issues in life that are difficult to balance alone, and speaking about them in a non-judgmental environment can help.1

Think about it this way: everyone looks to manage their physical health by seeing an MD, and while mental health is just as important, those who are in need to some advice or a listening ear, should find no problem with visiting a therapist.1 Many attend therapy to improve an already decent life.1 For example, here are eight other reasons to try therapy:

  1. You want to love and accept yourself.1 Many people have a difficult time with this, and they aren’t necessarily depressed or suffering from another mental health disorder.1 In this case, therapy can help tear down roadblocks to better self-esteem, helping you learn practical ways to make happiness a priority in life.1
  2. You want to make your good marriage great.1 As the years go on, many relationships continue to be functional, but can lack in spice, fun, and creativity.1 This is normal, and couples therapy can help improve an already good relationship.1
  3. You want to be a better parent.1 It’s not that you aren’t already awesome, you just want to be even more awesome.1 Parenting is no easy job, and sometimes a bit of outside advice or a non-judgmental listening ear can do wonders.1
  4. You want to grow in your career.1 You’ve been doing your job for years, but how can you continue to grow?1 Therapy can help you muster up the motivation to continue to thrive.1
  5. Pondering your purpose in life.1 We all do it, and it’s always confusing. If you want to find out who you are on a deeper level, therapy can help.1 Self-reflection can do wonders for our lives.1
  6. You want to reach a fitness goal.1 While therapists are not personal trainers, it often comes down to overcoming the mental roadblocks to reach a fitness goal.1 Physical fitness is as much mental as it is physical.1
  7. You want to forgive and forget.1 Holding a grudge often has serious physical, emotional, and relational consequences.1 It’s hard to forgive and move on, but it is possible, and therapists can help with that.1
  8. You need a little help working on your weaknesses.1 Need to be more assertive, express emotion, or communicate better?1 Therapy allows you to learn how to work on where you would like to improve.1

Therapy isn’t only helpful for treating mental disorders—it is helpful for just about any of life’s obstacles (or lack thereof).1

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