Revive Your Energy and Motivation During Depression

energy and motivationDepression not only reduces your mood, but it also destroys your energy and motivation.[1] That list of things you have needed to get through, even simple tasks—depression makes it painful. However, even though depression has set out to take over your mink and your actions, it doesn’t have to. You can combat it with three easy strategies.1

Decisions are not easy to make when you are depressed. For some reasons, even the decisions that used to take no time to make have become huge burdens.1 Then, when you make a decision, you wonder if it was the right one.1 However, our lives are full of decisions: what to eat, what to wear, what social events to attend, and so on. Decision-making can seem paralyzing when depressed.1

Therefore, when making a decision, remind yourself that even though depression won’t allow you to make a decision, you will allow yourself to.1 When you make that decision (Congratulations!) remember: Depression wants you to rethink the decision, but you don’t have to.1 It is your choice, not depression’s.1 Don’t analyze it.1 (*Tip: Still, it isn’t always best to make big life decisions while depressed.1)

Setting up structure while you are depressed can make a huge difference in your energy level and motivation.1 You follow the structure and naturally, you feel like your life is more in-control.1 Like children thrive with routine, so will you.1 Set up a routine that includes all of your daily activities, and follow it. Structure produces a calm environment.1

Keep to a schedule of when to get up, eat, work, enjoy hobbies, etc. With a routine, you don’t have to worry as much about what you are going to do today, and it helps get you up and out of the cycle of lying in bed or on the couch.1 Without structure, you think more about what is wrong with your life, instead of just getting out there and living it.1

Depression toys with your brain, which makes it difficult to make deadlines, get to work, and make appointments.1 Outside support is a useful strategy to help with this.1 If you have a hard time relying solely on your alarm to get up for work, try to set up a carpool with others and have them call you when they wake up.1 Now, you aren’t just doing it for yourself, but for others too, which will give you more motivation.1

For other support, make a list of the tasks you need to do and show it to someone you can rely on.1 Have them take a copy of your list, with dates, and have them call you on certain days to check in.1 Then, schedule a time to review your progress each week.1

They key is to not wait for the energy and motivation—it won’t come on its own.1 Depression is an inert illness.1 Therefore, take things into your own hands and take the first step towards getting your life back.1

[1] Tartakovsky, M. (2014). 3 Strategies for Getting Things Done When You’re Depressed. Psych Central. Retrieved on April 7, 2014, from http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2014/04/03/3-strategies-for-getting-things-done-when-youre-depressed/

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