Delusional Disorder

A Delusional Disorder can be understood as not inexplicable delusions. That is those delusions that do reference real-life situations which may actually occur but do not or are extremely exaggerated. They are usually emotion based such as feeling of being followed, poisoned, and deceived or involvement in a conspiracy. An individual with Delusional Disorder may function normally with no disruption to their daily lives, while other extreme cases my cause a complete collapse in reality.

Wellington Retreat works with Delusional Disorder through behavioral pharmacology to stabilize the individual in order to begin teaching the coping skills needed to lead a normal life. Though behavioral pharmacology is the proper first step there is a trial period designed with the individual’s severity in mind. A treatment plan with Wellington Retreat may at times need to be reset based on the outcomes of behavioral pharmacology. The individual, subtype of delusions and life circumstances must be taken into consideration and observed over a period of time upon admission. Our psychiatric staff and medical staff will maintain the safety of the patient until stability is gained and life skills training may begin.

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