Dysthymic Disorder

What is dysthymic disorder?

DepressedDysthymic disorder is a type of chronic depression, in which an individual’s mood is unchangingly low. An individual suffering from this disorder will feel depressed throughout the day, and will go long periods of time with no relief from these feelings.  Still, symptoms of dysthymic disorder are less severe than those of major depressive disorder.

Often, a diagnosis will be made when the feelings of depression have lasted for two years, with additional symptoms of fatigue, low self-esteem, change in eating habits, and feelings of hopelessness. There cannot be the occurrence of a manic or hypo-manic episode that are often associated with Major Depression.

How does Wellington Retreat treat dysthymic disorder?

Wellington Retreat is able to successfully diagnose and treat dysthymic disorder. Our treatment team will combine medication management and therapy sessions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, to help the patient learn healthy ways of coping with life.

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