The Ketamine Rehab has evolved from the wide spread usage under the name “Special K” or “Cat Valium” by those individuals seeking an experience similar to that of LSD. A favorite drug used by ravers and self-proclaimed club kids, there are serious side effects contributed with Ketamine usage. Those side effects include suppression of the nervous system, nausea, vomiting and nightmares; taken in large doses Ketamine may cause total paralysis. In most usage cases the individual must consistently take larger doses each time to gain the same psychedelic effect gained previous and the possibility of never regaining the ability to feel psychedelic effects may occur with prolonged usage. The increase in usage will create the mental obsession of addiction more so than a physical addiction. Although physical attributes are distinct from usage such as heightened sensitivity to pain with a lack of control over the bladder. The Ketamine Rehab at Wellington Retreat dedicates the majority of treatment to the psychiatric side of the drug usage presenting the individual with cognitive behavioral therapy, support group therapy and a continuous aftercare plan dedicated to ensure the ongoing recover of an individual upon completion of treatment.

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