Medical Detoxification

The critical first step towards recovery. There’s no better time than the present.

see this Medical Detoxification Detoxification is the medical management of withdrawal. Here at Wellington Retreat, our goal is to help your brain, which has adapted to being regularly exposed to a substance, withdraw comfortably. Under the care of skilled physicians, medicine is prescribed to suppress the extremely uncomfortable withdrawal effects an individual would feel if they went through the process alone—which is not recommended.

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rencontre femme 50 ans amour The following substances require detoxification:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Opiates
  • Barbiturates

address Wellington Retreat’s medical program is unique, and unlike many others, as we look to detox patients over a much longer term than the seven to 10 days seen elsewhere. There is an overabundance of evidence that short-term detoxification leads to high relapse rates of 80 to 90 percent. Here at Wellington Retreat, we work to put you on a sober path for the long term, giving you a brighter future.

browse around this website For patients who are opiate-dependent, Wellington Retreat relies upon the research studies and our own experience which show that the use of buprenorphine, the medicine that helps mask withdrawal effects and helps to maintain sobriety, is usually needed for a period of many months. Based upon the resiliency of one’s brain, some individuals are lucky enough to tolerate tapering off of buprenorphine in a much shorter period of time. When the patient appears to be keeping to a sober and lively lifestyle, making healthy choices, succeeding at work, and taking responsibility for him or herself, only then do we gradually reduce the dose of buprenorphine—very gradually, in fact—reduced over a period of several months. This allows for their brain to slowly adapt to the lack of exposure to the exogenous opiate while they are able to keep their level of functioning.

https://www.stimmenafrikas.de/tynec/4258 Wellington Retreat’s medical detoxification is similar for benzodiazepine addiction. While many other treatment facilities believe this can be done in a matter of seven to 10 days, we know, based on science and experience, that this is often untrue. Medicine may need to be used over the period of several months to help the brain adapt to the absence of benzodiazepines in their system. Wellington Retreat follows each patient through this process and assures he/she is made comfortable during this difficult time.

bv hookup For those patients with alcohol withdrawal, we will refer to an inpatient short-term detox; however, when they return to us for the next step in treatment, they still sometimes need medicine, such as an anticonvulsant, for a number of weeks until they truly are stabilized.

lesbian speed dating seattle wa Many patients at Wellington Retreat have already undergone seven to 10 day detoxification at other facilities and end up relapsing. Therefore, when they come to us, we can assure them a sober future by not repeating the mistake that allowed them to relapse in the first place. Here, detoxification may need to continue throughout all levels of our care, from our partial hospitalization program to our outpatient program.

Science has made sure, through extensive research, that you cannot provide an exact period of time for detoxification. Every person is different, and Wellington Retreat understands this. Here, you are in good hands.


“‘Dear Addiction, I don’t plan on bringing you back into my life. It was a love affair like no other, because it ripped me into pieces. So now it is time for me to say goodbye. I shed blood and tears for you no more. There is no more ball and chain. I am no longer a slave to you and the freedom has never felt so true in my life.’

– Patient R.”

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