Multidimensional Family Therapy is an all-inclusive family based outpatient or day treatment program for individuals with mental illness, substance abuse or comorbidity and are candidates for relapse or reversion behavior. MDFT is typically carried out over the timeline of treatment as designated by the individual’s desire and family’s cooperation. MDFT targets areas of social behavior and interaction involving assessment and treatment plans covering interaction with parents and friends; parenting skills within the family as they relate to the parent role; family interaction in therapy and communication skills between the family and that relationship to social interactions within the community.

Since 1985, MDFT has been a therapeutic tool used on various socioeconomic and ethnic individuals whose diverse culture has been impacted in one way or another from a transitional society or historical social background. Wellington Retreat utilizes MDFT to encourage the family to be as much a part of the recovery process as possible and through therapy observations directs a course of action for both the individual and family. This approach allows the family to develop the communications necessary to support ongoing recovery.

We are the only facility in Florida owned and operated by an addiction psychiatrist involved in all treatment decisions. Learn more
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