Programs Offered at Wellington Retreat

Wellington Retreat offers a host of programs that are designed to fit the needs of each patient, from those who need critical treatment to others who are simply seeking support.


Medical Detoxification Program

Our medical detoxification program is our most crucial program to the health and safety of our patients suffering from addictions. Our Medical Director and Associate Medical Director closely supervise the detoxification process for those who are withdrawing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates, and barbiturates. Our program is designed to keep our patients comfortable and sound.

Residential Program

With years of psychiatric experience and 24-hour Medical and Nursing care, Wellington Retreat can provide the support necessary to recover. Residential level of care provides 24-hour medical supervision.

All treatment plans are determined from the initial evaluation which is performed by our triple-board certified psychiatrist who then identifies the state of the patient and creates his/her individual treatment course. With the dedication of our staff, we are consistently monitoring the patient and making any adjustments that are required for his or her rehabilitation.

Our goal at Wellington Retreat is to respectively treat the patient with evidence based practices, individualized attention, low staff-to-patient ratio and professional support for full recovery.

Lengths of stay are determined by the patient’s needs- detoxification to re-entry to society. We will provide everything that we can during the recovery process of the patient.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Once medical detoxification is complete, the patient will graduate to the partial hospitalization program. This 24-hour physician-supervised program is where the patient begins an individualized treatment plan put into place by the medical director and associate medical director. Patients reside in beautiful community housing and are required to attend all group and 12-step meetings, as well as any other therapy that has been recommended. During this phase of treatment, patients are prescribed the correct medicines that help to treat their primary and underlying conditions.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The next phase of rehabilitation is the intensive outpatient program. Patients are required to keep a steady job and attend group, 12-step, and other recommended therapies while residing in Wellington’s comfortable transitional housing.

Aftercare Program

Patients are reunited with the real world fully when they reach our aftercare program, where our staff helps them transition back into their own residence and own life. We offer support as this is done, and do all we can to see them succeed.

Wellness Programs

Wellington Retreat also offers wellness programs, where patients can receive extra education and assistance with topics, such as weight hygiene and nutrition, smoking cessation, and work-life balance. As these are all important to leading a healthy life, Wellington Retreat recommends patients take advantage of all programs they are offered.

We are the only facility in Florida owned and operated by an addiction psychiatrist involved in all treatment decisions. Learn more
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