Oxycodone Rehabilitation

As an emerging need, based on the illicit use of opiate drugs, Oxycodone rehab is developed into the use of traditional addiction treatment coincide with Behavioral Pharmacology. Oxycodone Rehab relies on the psychiatric treatment of the addictive disorder coupled with a tapering of medications to alleviate the dependence of Oxycodone on an individual’s system. An Oxycodone Rehab will provide a secure setting for an individual to safely detoxify from this classification of opiate and maintain on supervised environment cognitive to those symptoms associated with Oxycodone detox. Those symptoms likely to occur can be Nausea, Vomiting, Sweating, increased heart rate, lack of appetite, anxiety, skin irritation, cold spells and insomnia. With such an extensive list of possible symptoms related to Oxycodone detox, it is strongly advised an individual not attempt to detox on their own. The Oxycodone Rehab within Wellington Retreat provides a safe and secure environment of medical staff trained to supervise the detoxification process of individuals with Oxycodone addiction. The slow and arduous process allows the individual to ease back into a normal state instead of reactionary “cold-turkey” stoppage that may induce deadly consequences. The medical supervision in relation to psychiatric observation provided by Wellington Retreat is found to be more conducive for an individual and enables the process of rebuilding the mind and body to its cohesive nature.

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