Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

PTSDPTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that is caused by undergoing an extreme emotional trauma. When this happens, the body’s response to stressful events changes and continues to overproduce the stress hormones and chemicals that should return to normal levels when the body recovers.

Individuals who suffer from PTSD often display a range of symptoms. They often continue to relive the traumatic event, disturbing normal daily activities. It is common to experience flashbacks, nightmares, and unsettling memories and feelings. This may cause the individual to experience an emotional numbness, where they begin to lose interest in their feelings, moods, and activities. Reliving a traumatic event takes a large toll on the body and mind. It is also common for them to avoid people, places, or things that bring back memories of the traumatic event. Usually, they begin to constantly scan their surroundings for danger, startle easily, and have outbursts of anger and irritability. Sometimes, the individual also feels unnecessarily guilty about the traumatic event.

How does Wellington Retreat treat PTSD?

Wellington Retreat treats individuals with PTSD through the use of talk therapy and medicines. Through therapy, the individual learns how to process the traumatic experience so that the memories are no longer frightening to them. They also work on relaxation techniques. All of this happens in a setting where the individual feels safe and secure. Often, Dr. Moran will prescribe medicines that may help to ease the individual’s anxiety, depression, and to help them sleep well. Each person is different, and a personalized treatment plan is developed upon admission in order to receive the care needed to heal properly.

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