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While many believe that pregnancy is a time of emotional well-being, it must be told that this is not always the case. In fact, within the last five years, research has stated that up to 20 percent of women suffer from a mood or anxiety disorder during pregnancy. This can place pregnant women in a difficult spot, as they are often unsure of how to manage their disorder while they are caring for a developing fetus.

Teenage women who have struggled with psychological disorders prior to becoming pregnant often discontinue their medicines to decrease the risks of prenatal exposure and birth defects. However, there are medicines that can be safely used during pregnancy, and Wellington Retreat believes that this is a better option than allowing a disorder to go untreated and possibly putting the mother and unborn child into more danger.

For those teens who struggle with addiction and are looking to become sober for the welfare of themselves and their unborn child, Wellington Retreat stands by your side the entire way. We have physicians to help you carefully and successfully detox from your drug(s) of choice and stay sober, while learning how to care for your newborn baby. Becoming a mother is a new and amazing chapter of your life, and Wellington Retreat is committed to helping you begin your journey with healthy habits and the knowledge to succeed.

Wellington Retreat will detox pregnant women for the health of their unborn child. Contact Us Today!

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