Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

http://tjez.gob.mx/perdakosis/4609 Prescription Rehab is a growing part of the addiction community as more and more people are succumbing to prescription drug addiction. Based on national statistics, nearly 20 percent of the people in the United States have used prescription drugs in a manner not directed for medical reasons. These drugs may include narcotic painkillers (OxyContin, Vicodin), tranquilizers (Xanax, Valium) and stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin) to which access of the last 5 years has become more prevalent. Wellington Retreat has been offering Prescription Rehab since inception and we have found there are no set age ranges, educational levels or mental capacities excluded from the problem of prescription addiction. Wellington Retreat offers the security needed to arrest the addiction and begin rebuilding a life without the need for prescription drugs not medically required. Through the Prescription Rehab individuals are able to be under a supervised and secured environment which can ensure psychological and medical attention for the detoxification of prescribed drugs.

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