The decision to enter treatment either for substance abuse or psychiatric help is an important step in the process of getting well. Wellington Retreat understands the patients need to feel comfortable and supported throughout their treatment. Therefore, we would like to supply some guidelines as to what you may or may not bring for comfort and safety for yourself or others. We have listed suggested guidelines that patients must adhere to throughout their time at Wellington Retreat and the items needed to support their stay.

  • Clothing must be appropriate and worn with consideration and respect of others. Inappropriate clothing would be defined as anything that depicts alcohol, drugs, violence, sex or gambling.
  • Appropriate attire will be required at all times while attending Wellington Retreat. This includes but is not limited to jeans (no tears or rips), casual pants, collared shirts, approved t-shirts, minimum knee length skirts and dresses, jogging suits, sweatshirts, sweat pants and shorts (mid-thigh or longer).
  • All patients are required to wear undergarments (i.e., bras, underwear) and not have those exposed in any such manner deemed inappropriate.
  • A light sweater, sweatshirt or jacket is recommended based on seasonal needs.
  • As we do have swimming facilities we prefer our female patients bring a one piece with straps and male patients bring boxer type swimming shorts.
  • We suggest two (2) weeks of clothing be brought initially and depending on the length of stay additional can be approved. Wellington Retreat does have laundry facilities available to all patients including supplies but we do not provide dry cleaning service.
  • All patients must wear appropriate footwear at all times outside of your room. Tennis Shoes, flip flops and flat soled shoes are allowed. No bare feet are permitted anywhere other than the pool areas.
  • A list of all medicines currently being taken as prescribed by a licensed physician. Wellington Retreat will evaluate the medicines and dispense according to an established treatment plan approved by Dr. Moran.
  • Wellington Retreat does allow smoking in designated areas, so cigarettes may be brought into to the facility. We do offer smoking cessation help. You may purchase cigarettes once a week as deemed appropriate but we do not allow the sharing of cigarettes anywhere within our facility with other patients.
  • We do allow cash to be brought in but understand that it will be placed in a patient trust initially with access approved through your designated therapist. Any money requested from outside sources will be solely handled by the admissions department.

Please find below a list of items that are not allowed.

  • Electronic Equipment (Phone and Computer access is supplied)
  • Cameras
  • Food
  • Recreational Equipment (Access is supplied)
  • Valued Jewelry
  • Firearms, Knives, fireworks or any other item they may cause harm or damage.
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