A common ideology is no matter where you go you take yourself. This is true in the physical sense but an individual’s mental and emotional balance can shift and morph accordingly to their surroundings. For this reason Wellington Retreat offers the Work-Life Balance program. The program enables an individual while working through treatment to begin understanding what their priorities are in life when discussing a career choice in comparison to the family and social outlets. An individual who has become married to their work suffers in ways that may or may not be noticeable to them but will be to the other people in their lives. For example, the lost time with friends and loved ones as work becomes more of the priority in your life may lead to isolation or a feeling of disconnect, as well as an inability to nurture a true friendship. There is the stress factor that evolves from working extra hours; the person may gain more responsibility leading to an increase of anxiety for maintaining deadlines. Through the Work-Life Balance program offered at Wellington Retreat the individual learns how to manage time, seek out options, become empowered to say no and increase a support system.

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